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Our Team


Ethan Simcox loves being outdoors- hiking, biking, disc golf and camping with his family. After spending some time in developing parts of South Korea he noticed poor off-grid farmers using solar energy. Something clicked, he thought, “why aren’t we doing this back home?” and he wanted to be a part of the solar solution. He has a passion around offsetting our carbon use, reducing our footprint on earth and protecting our natural resources. He got his start in the solar industry ten years ago and brings a wealth of skill, experience and muscle power to the Asheville Solar team.


Ethan’s always liked working with his hands and problem solving; he started out in the solar industry back in 2008. He enjoys being a part of Asheville Solar because the company is smaller and able to focus on quality; the quality of work and relationships come first. Like a well oiled machine, the team works together, using experience to get things done well and in a timely fashion. Ethan’s happy to be a part of a great company, using his skills and giving back for the sake of the earth.


John Gravitt has a personal mission: to get as many solar panels pointed at the sun as possible and make reliance on fossil fuels a thing of the past.  He’s got a ways to go, but being on the team at Asheville Solar makes him hold his head high because he knows he’s making progress.


John is equal parts workhorse and engineer. Some folks are surprised that the same guy carrying panels up a ladder is a certified professional engineer graduated from NC State. John gets a little stir crazy if he has to sit at a screen for too many days in a row, so he is sure to be on site, fully engaged in the install portion as well.


John appreciates nature and loves to experiment with gardening - he has a soft spot for all creatures great and small. He appreciates and sometimes plays music. He also enjoys hanging out with his family and can often be found on the fringes of parents volunteering for various kid activities or instilling a sense of environmental ethics to the youngsters.  

Nate Pembleton started Asheville Solar Company with his wife Mary in 2012 out of a belief in solar energy and its ability to benefit this community and earth. They had a vision to provide their customers with humble servitude, affordability, and quality craftsmanship.


Nate is a family oriented kind of guy and appreciates the fact that most of his customers are like minded - they are doing what is best for their family now and for future generations and are willing to invest in sustainability. Nate and Mary built Asheville Solar Company with their two sons future in mind and love raising them up in the business to appreciate the virtues of working hard and going solar!


Nate really likes connecting with the community and gets to know each customer. He insists on doing each quote himself and personally ensures quality customer care. Ask anyone, Nate’s pretty upfront and honest, he wants folks to get the most for their investment and tries to educate homeowners as best he can. Mary helps out on the administrative side with marketing, logistics; supports Nate and the whole ASC Team, always the cheerleader.

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Reid Pembleton is the team's safety monitor. He keeps everyone on their toes, reminding us about safety. He inspires team spirit and keeps the guys focused.

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