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solar thermal
Solar Thermal (Solar Hot Water)

Solar thermal is one of the most affordable and efficient solar energy technologies available, providing a very high return on investment. The basic notion involves putting something black on the roof and running water through it, thus allowing the sun to heat the water. Though a simple concept, industry technology has come a long way to maximize system efficiency, effectiveness and longevity.

Asheville Solar Company can help you harness the sun’s energy with solar thermal systems designed for domestic and commercial hot water usage, heat supplementation, or pool heating.

​Federal tax incentives are available for solar thermal systems.


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AET DBS Drainback System


System Features:


  • Attractive Skylight Collector Design

  • 30+ Year Design Life

  • 10 year SYSTEM warranty*

        *Includes collector and stainless tank and reservoir

  • 316L SS Storage Tank

  • SS Submersed Heat Exchanger

  • SS Drainback Reservoir

  • Maintenance Free

  • Conforms to all Electrical and SolarStandards (UL approved)

  • Exceeds Energy Star Criteria and DeliversMaximum Credit Toward Energy EfficiencyCompliance

  • 5/7/12 year parts and labor warranty available

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